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Caiaphas Panetta, Sold Out Obama For Much More Than Judas’ 30 Pieces Of Silver To Pontius Pilate O’Reilly, At Fox News in order for Caesar Murdoch to embellish in American Blood!

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Leon Panetta, the Republican in Democratic Clothing that was Appointed CIA Director and Defense Secretary by President Obama, shows stunning “disloyalty,” in the most deplorable manner. Anyone who thinks Panetta is a Democrat should think again. We are less than 30 days away from the Mid Term Elections and Panetta is all over the Television, especially Fox with none other than Bill O’Reilly, slamming the man that gave Panetta the highest appointments he has had in his life.


This advocating from Republicans and people like Leon Panetta and others that President Obama should send in ground troops, didn’t they learn anything from Bush and Cheney’s abuse of our Military. To many, the Soldiers are disposable tools as a means to satisfy the egos of the Politicians that sit behind a desk playing Soldiers. Just like George W Bush in his GI JOE garb landing on the Abraham Lincoln claiming “Mission Accomplish.”


Bush’s Iraq Invasion: 4,500 killed; 50,232 wounded; 75,000 with mental problems committing suicide at the rate of 30 per day; 1.7 trillion spent and for what! All we did was replaced a Sunni Dictator Saddam Hussein with a Shiite Dictator Nour al-Maliki who turned against America because of his allegiance to Iran. “What fools we have become!”


I am happy that President Obama is not capricious with the lives of our Soldiers and that he has not re-invaded Iraq. We are going to be causing the deaths of many more Soldiers if we send them in the middle of these lunatics Civil and Religious Wars. We can’t bomb and kill our way to bring them to sanity and the people who don’t understand that, they have no business committing other people children, husbands, wives, mother and fathers into a no win situation.


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Obama says; “ET TU Panetta?” As the Conspirators retirement came one by one they put Pen to Paper, metaphorically stabbing President Obama in the heart. Disloyalty to Obama in reality; is really Disrespect!

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The propensity of a bad action becomes more significant when it comes from a loved one or a friend. In the Book of Obadiah 1:11 “Even thou was one of them.” Brotherly kindness was due from Edom to Israel in the time of need, but instead thereof, the men of Esau made common cause with Israel’s foes. Special stress in the sentence before us is laid upon the word “thou; as when Caesar cried out “ET TU Brutus,” when he found out that his most trusted friend was one of his assassins.


And so it is in Washington’s Political World as Obama’s loyalists Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton and now, Leon Panetta, just before the significant Mid Term Election, Mr. Panetta literally “slams the man that trusted him,” at a time when so many others are disrespecting President Obama and he is being kicked around as a Foot-Ball in a major Soccer Game.


One has to wonder that if these critics, Gates, Clinton and Panetta, disagreed with the President as strongly as they articulate in their Books, why they didn’t resign in Protest. Why live through the glory and after retiring or being retired, they go out there and throw Red-Meat to Obama’s bitter enemies, The Repugnant, Republican Reprobates.


I think it is fair to say that they are opportunists for future Political Achievement in the case of Mrs. Clinton and in the two other cases, Gates and Panetta, is was for increased Book Sales. This was most calculating on the part of Leon Panetta because he knew, without throwing Obama under the Bus; the sales of his Book would be tepid at best. However, now that Panetta has transformed himself into Brutus, he is assured that the Right Wing Nutt Jobs are going to rack up the sales and perhaps, just perhaps, making his book No 1 on Amazon or Times Book Review.


When Obama took Office he inherited two out of control wars; a Deficit of 1.2 trillion dollars; 10.2% Unemployment; 10 million plus people had lost their jobs; the Housing Market Crashed; the Stock Market at its lowest levels, especially the S & P that house most of the 401k plans; and our entire financial system at a total collapse from Bush, Cheney and the out of Control Republican Congress.


And today, Over 10, million jobs created; unemployment 5.9%; the stock Market breaking record highs; Housing Market rebounded; the Deficit reduced by 70%; and yes, Obama had to act on his own because the Republican Congress, outside of obstruct haven’t done anything to help the Middle Class, Poor, Students, infrastructure or anything Domestically, including our Veterans.


And so, facts beg the question that after rescuing us from Bush and Cheney’s chaos, President Obama being constantly disrespected and kicked around, I wonder, how does he feel?


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