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The Economy is doing well because of President Obama’s Policies, but not because of Trump’s or Republican Policies, because they have no Policies, except a Tax Scam that became Law that is now having devastating effects on Layoff, due to what the Rich is doing with the 1.4 Trillion Dollars Tax Cuts.

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AT & T 4,000

Macy’s 10,000

GE 12,000

Kimberly-Clark 5,500

Tourism Jobs lost 40,000

Walmart Firing Thousands


Toys R Us closing 180 Stores

Pfizer fire 300 Scientists that was working on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson Diseases. Pfizer is using the 10 Billion Dollars Tax Cut to “Buy Back Stocks.”


All of the above transpired just after The Tax Scam became Law and it is the same when Ronald Reagan activated “Trickled Down Economic,” it just doesn’t trickle down, it buries the working class and here we are again with a Republican President and a Republican Controlled Congress, repeating the 1980’s and 2001-2008, as the people suffer, those that voted Republican and those that did not.


Donald Trump is only educated and qualified in Lying, Larceny, Corruption and being a Charlatan, because outside of those characters, Trump is as dumb as you can get. Congressional Republicans are generally educated, but they are deceitful to the core, even against those that support them.


The easier problem for America is going to be getting rid of Trump; however, the monumental task is how to educate the majority of the 62 Million people that voted for Trump and the GOP, because in the final analysis, there are only two types of Republicans; Billionaires and Fools, check your Bank Account and find out which one you are!


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Stephen Paddock Killed 59 People And Wounded 527 In Las Vegas. Mr. Paddock Is The Symptom Of Republicans Pimping For The National Rifle Association And Donald Trump Promoting Racism And Hate!

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Donald Trump, the life time racist and one of the world’s most corrupt people, enabled by the Republican Congress are taking America down the Abyss. The free fall is so expeditious that it is difficult to ascertain whether or not America can be saved before Donald Trump is removed from the Presidency and Republicans lose control of Congress. To many, this concern may not be on their minds, but unless or until America wakes up to the devastation of the country that is taking place, the United States may become exactly what Russia was, subsequent to the collapse of the USSR in 1991.


The American Corporate Media that didn’t do their jobs as they should have in 2016 is one of the main reasons we have a culprit and treasonous in the White House. With such devastating tragedy in Las Vegas, “Neither” the Media, Republicans or Donald Trump would call Stephen Paddock a Terrorist. Why, solely because Stephen Paddock is a “White American.” Had it been a Black Man, Mexican or Muslim that committed this heinous act; from the White House to the Halls of Congress and across the Media spectrum, “Terrorism would be the Headlines for days or even weeks to come.”


The Weapon [s] Mr. Paddock used to kill and injure so many, it has no business to be in the hands of any Civilian. It is egregious in war, much less on the Streets and the Homes of Americans. But, Republican just like Donald Trump and the NRA, they prey on their Base because, they are uninformed, ignorant, mostly uneducated and brainwashed. All you need is a Gun in one hand and a Bible in the other! No emphasis is placed on Education because the dumber you are, the more likely you will Vote Republican. Quite frankly, America’s Evangelicals, Donald Trump and Republicans, are America’s ISIS!


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The Media, Misogyny And Racism Deprived America And The World Of The Most Educated, Qualified And Experienced Person As Leader Of The Free World; Thank You Secretary Hillary Clinton.

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[WAPO]  “To Hillary Clinton: Thank you for your dignity, your perseverance and your service.


Dear Secretary Clinton,


Though everything in your personal history suggests that Tuesday’s defeat will not mark the end of your work in American public life, I can imagine that this will be a moment of reflection and recovery for you. And though we have some profound disagreements, on the occasion of this transition, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for some of the contributions you’ve made in the past quarter-century as one of the most prominent women in American politics.


In the two and a half decades that Americans have used you to work out our complex and contradictory ideas about women, work and marriage, I have been moved by your dignity and resilience.


I don’t envy you the compromises — the enforced cookie-baking, the meeting with a group of female journalists to ask for advice on how to present yourself — or what must have been moments of agony in your marriage. But as I’ve watched you from a very great distance, I have been grateful to you for bearing some of the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune that is the lot, in different degrees and forms, of all the women of this country. Every insult that didn’t level you, and every moment of absurdity you absorbed without staggering, helped start conversations about the expectations and standards women face.


You didn’t have a solution for this conundrum. None of us do. But if you couldn’t solve American gender politics in the span of a life, or act as a shield against the harshness directed at other women, you created space for the rest of us. We won’t surrender it.


Thank you for your commitment to service.


Defeat is not easy to accept with grace, and there is always a temptation in the days that follow to choose a different course or to withdraw entirely from the fray. After President Bill Clinton’s plans for comprehensive health-care reform failed during his first term, you became one of the champions of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. After you lost to then-Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 primary, you campaigned for him and served as his secretary of state. You’ve demonstrated over and over again that you are truly committed to your pledge to “Do all the good you can,” even if the gains are smaller than you might have hoped, or if doing that good requires you to put aside hurt feelings. This is an exhortation and a model that we all ought to emulate in the weeks and months to come.


In the days since the election, I have thought frequently of the example you set in reaching out to others and forming life-long friendships with them.


Hearing from Ryan MooreAleatha Williams and Janelle Turner about your correspondence with them, and your care and attention during both painful and proud moments in their lives, has been a reminder to me to be more diligent in my efforts to stay in touch with the most important people in my own life. Listening to the Mothers of the Movement talk about how you listened to them is a testament to the simple power of presence. It’s precisely because time is in such short supply that offering it to others is a valuable gesture.


Thank you for laughing in the face of absurdity. Thank you for apologizing about occasions when you were wrong, and keeping alive the idea that politicians ought to educate themselves and to grow, rather than intellectually immobilizing themselves as the world changes. Thank you for your dedication to the Constitution and to the peaceful transfer of power in our democratic system; among many other things, your opponents will be measured by whether they show the same measure of allegiance to our most valuable norms and institutions.



I can only begin to imagine how painful it must be to feel that you are exiting one public arena with your work undone. I hope you take some measure of comfort from the idea that, though you may not see the garden in bloom, many of us will be tending the seeds you planted.


With respect and gratitude,




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Republicans And The National Rifle Association Have The Blood Of American Children, Women And Men On Their Hands For Their Unwillingness To Assist In Passing Stronger Background Checks For Gun Purchasers

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Stronger Background Checks would not stop all of the senseless killings, but it would help to prevent Mentally Disturbed People and Questionable People from purchasing Guns. Gun Advocates always throws up a smoke screen that Guns don’t kill people, but it actually does. At Sandy Hook School it was bullets from a Gun by a mentally disturbed man that killed the 20 Children and the 7 adults. On Thursday’s shooting in Oregon it was bullets that killed the people, irrespective who pulled the trigger.


The GOP and some Democrats have totally misused the Second Amendment to the Constitution as a panacea as an excuse for better Gun Sense. The Republican Congress that are paid by the Taxpayers do everything virtually possible to disavow their responsibility in educating the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed citizens that no one is advocating the ban on Guns, but rather the responsibility of Gun Ownership and the insanity of the insane having a Gun.


Red States have gone totally out of control by allowing Guns in Schools, Churches, Airports, Bars and just about anywhere. And it is those same States where the people are least educated and perhaps never give even one thought, that Guns would never turn them into Doctors, Lawyers and Scientists or make a better life for their children.


My wife and I owned several Guns and we raised four children without Gun accidents in our home or having shot anyone. I am not against Gun Ownership, but I am against Mentally Ill people and Criminals from owning Guns. And yes I know, Criminals can still find a way to purchase a Gun, but even if we stop one shooting from better Background Checks, it would be worth it to save even one life.


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Undeniable Proof Donald Trump Is A Scam Candidate – Only One Issue On His Website As CNN And Other Media Keep On Pimping For The Donald

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Anyone with half an ounce of intelligence and the ability to think critically can see that Donald Trump is a scam candidate. He’s doing what he always does — running for self promotion. His entire campaign has been based around how “great” Donald Trump is at saying how great he is at everything.


When you actually stop to think about what he’s saying, he isn’t saying much of anything. He’s says catch phrases and slogans. He’ll tell his crowds he has “great relationships” with just about everyone. He’ll tell us that “we will have so much winning if I get elected, that you may get bored with winning.”


What does that even mean?! Does he have a strategy for this winning? Or is he just saying he’s going to be a winner?


Truth of the matter is — he has no strategy… on pretty much anything. Yet another reason he’s a scam artist getting droves of simpletons to fall for his propaganda shtick and catch phrases.



In fact, when you visit Trump’s campaign website, he only has details on one position — one — immigration, of course. [Addicting Information]


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Dick Cheney War Crimes Felon should be in Prison and not allowed on Television as an expert on Iraq!

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George W Bush, Dick Cheney and their Myrmidons are responsible for the chaos in Iraq and the Terrorist Groups that are operating inside of Iraq. Prior to Bush and Cheney’s Oil Invasion of Iraq, there weren’t any terrorists groups in Iraq. Apart from the illegal invasion Bush and Cheney fired the entire Iraqi Army which included Saddam Hussein’s Elite Republican Guards, and those are the same people that comprise of the brutal terrorists group, ISIS.


What we are witnessing at the present time is the result of Bush and Cheney toppling Saddam Hussein, a Sunni and replacing him with Nour al-Maliki, a Shiite. At the cost of 4,500 American lives; 50,000 plus severely wounded; tens of thousands with serious mental problem; 1.7 trillion dollars spent and 100,000 plus non-combatant Iraqis killed, all that came out of Bush and Cheney’s egregiousness is that we replaced a Sunni Dictator with a Shiite Dictator. Mr. Maliki, the Prime Minister Bush and Cheney installed, even when he lost the first election he refused to step down. Had President Obama move to help Iraq with Nour al-Maliki still being Prime Minister, he would have never resigned. It is easy to make a mess of things such as in the case of Bush and Cheney, but, it is another story cleaning up someone else’s garbage.


Irrespective of the naysayers about Obama’s Policies, Iraq does have a new Government and with their cooperation, perhaps, just perhaps, with our assistance from the Air and the Iraqis on the ground, we may be able to turn around the chaos that presently exist. We have already seen tremendous results from the Air-Strikes we have provided. Some in the News Media, especially Fox Misnomer News are siding with the War Crimes Criminal just to pounce on Obama.


Dick Cheney, the Criminal that made 39.5 Billion Dollars from the Iraqi Oil Invasion gave a speech earlier today, literally criticizing and condemning Obama’s foreign Policy on Iraq and ISIS.


This man that used and abused American Soldiers in the name of “Oil,” should be in Prison and not on Television giving speeches and not allotted air-time by the capricious Media.

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What if Barack Obama was 100% White and Republican?

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And in 5 ½ years

Took the Dow from 7,200 to 17,000

Created 10,000,000 Jobs

Ended a bad war started by a Democrat

Revived the Housing Market

Stabilized our wrecked Financial Institutions

Would he be the Poster-Child for the

Greatest President 


We can enshroud ourselves with duplicity and pretend that racism no longer exist; we can slam everyone as racist that mentions race; the entire Media can willfully fail to make mention of it; the Polls can make claim that Obama’s low ratings have to do with his handling of his job, but, in the final analysis, “race is front and center of the disrespect, disenchantment, and blame Obama for all that ails America.”


Policies that were implemented even before Obama was born; while he was a child; while he was in school; when he became an adult; wars that were started that he was against, and yet “blame President Obama,” is the Headline!


Fox News that spends their every night and day, seven days per week running down President Obama with their fictional stories believed by the uninformed fools they call their audience, it wouldn’t change the fact and the fact is, America has come a long way, but we still have myriads of miles to go on the race issue. Perhaps 33% of White Americans are still racist. I do not excuse Blacks that are still racist themselves; however, my focus is on President Obama.


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