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Did Pontiff Benedict resign, or, did the Vatican Pontificators resign him, to rescue their own dismal image?

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It is quite possible that Pope Benedict’s resignation wasn’t voluntary, but perhaps it may be the conspiracy of the Vatican’s Collegiums Pontificum in an attempt not only to rescue their faltering dismal image, but to rescue their financial house from all of the egregious misuse of funds, from cover-ups of molestation; to robbing the dead; to the disgraced Vatican Bank and a host of other problems.


The ousting of Pope Benedict is perhaps due to the most significant factor and that is, almost fifty (50%) percent of The Roman Catholic Church Members are Latin Americans, hence the reason for the first Non-European Pope in more than one thousand (1,000) years.


Vatican’s appointment of Pope Francis is perhaps an attempt to hold on to their most loyal Members that accounts for 50% of the Roman Catholic Religion:


Not all but most Spanish people are die-hard loyalist to the Roman Catholic Religion and who else but them, would continue to give their unwavering support in dedication and money to men who seems in their own minds to have usurped God and have convinced others that they are Holier than Christ Himself. When God in the flesh walked the earth in the form of Jesus Christ, He did so in the most humble manner. However, take a good look at Pope Benedict with his costume from his head down to his toe that looks like he is in the Brazilian Carnival Parade.  


Robbing those whose faith could not be shaken – the Dead:


Cardinal Roger M. Mahony used 115 million dollars from a Los Angeles cemetery maintenance fund to pay landmark settlements with molestation victims. The church did not inform the relatives of the deceased that it had taken the money, which amounted to 88% of the fund. The families of those buried in the church-owned cemeteries and interred in its mausoleums have contributed to a dedicated account for the perpetual care of the graves and crypts. But, the Robe-Wearing Gangsters calling themselves Priests, Cardinals and the likes, literally robbed the dead.


Vatican Bank mysteries and scandals!


Robert Calvi, sometimes referred to as “God’s Banker,” was found dead in 1982, hanging from a bridge in London. The Vatican Bank was recently in the news following the Ferrari-driving Lawyer who has been charged with defrauding insurance companies and using the Vatican Bank to hide the loot.


To his credit, Pope Benedict XV1 tried to insert some transparency into the bank’s operations, but ran into the Vatican Political Wall. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, President of the Vatican Bank was fired because he was getting too close to the truth.


The Vatican Bank has been involved in money laundering and various forms of illegal activities for decades. The Vatican which is the Roman Catholic Religion is the only religion in the world that has Embassies in several countries and instituted self-amnesty for all those in esteem positions in the Church.


In the final analysis, the heads of the Roman Catholic Church/Religion is not about God, it is about cover-ups; schemes; money laundering; sex abuse to innocent children and perhaps murder. The question is why anyone would follow these Pharisees whose deeds are unequivocally – “pharisaic ostentation.”

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Roger Mahony robbed the dead; Robert Van Handel molested 17 boys; The Pope turned a blind eye! Why do people follow any religion?

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As the scandals continued to rock the Vatican, Pope Benedict turned a blind eye and now he has decided to resign, blaming it on his age. Well is it his age?


A Roman Catholic former Priest, Robert Van Handel gave a chilling confession, detailing how he molested seventeen innocent boys!


Pressed to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits for “clergy sex,” Cardinal Roger M. Mahony turned to the Catholics whose faith could not be shaken; “The Dead.” The Archdiocese of Los Angeles took ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS [$115,000,000.00] from its cemeteries’ maintenance fund to settle claims without informing the relatives of the deceased.


The Papacy!


The Pope the head of the Catholic Church, for far too long, this religion seemed to have embraced the coronation of the Pope as being greater than “all” men which is a fallacy.


For after all, the Pope, Ministers, Preachers, Imams, Pundits and the likes, they are neither God nor Christ; “in the final analysis they are just men, fallible and imperfect.”


These people and by whatever manner one identifies with them, they are derived from religion; something created by men and hence, since men are fallible, so is religion.


I have traveled much across this vast world we live in and I must say that the Catholic Missions are a great assistance to humanity, irrespective of the people, race or class.


However, for the Pope and others in the Catholic religion to advocate that their Priests can’t get married is just insane. Some men are born eunuchs from their mother’s wombs and others become eunuchs from a sincere desire to be eunuchs. But, not all men can be made into eunuchs.


My absolute frustration with the Papacy has been and continues to be, their advocacy of demanding their followers not use any form of contraceptive and that they should keep having children, even if they have no viable means to take care of the many children they bring into this world.


And of course the other is, from the Pope and everyone under him who have participated in the cover-up of innocent children, who has been molested by people that these children were taught to trust, this is not just evil, it is beyond evil.


Perhaps, with the Pope’s resignation the Vatican can anoint a more practical person as their new Pope, and allow that person to work within the Church to implement practical rules that would benefit their Church members and society as a whole.


This may be highly improbable for the Vatican but it is not impossible, if they would only consider the amount of children’s lives they have destroyed with their absolute and profound nonsense of forcing men to be hypocritical eunuchs!