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Darren Wilson, Police that shot Michael Brown six times was previously fired from the Jennings Police Department, miles away from Ferguson

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So much for that spotless record. Darren Wilson, along with 44 other cops, was fired because of serious misconduct, excessive force and rampant corruption. Why is that not on his record?



According to the Washington Post, up until three years ago Darren Wilson worked for the Jennings Police Department, located not far from from the city of Ferguson. The Jennings police department was also made up of mostly white officers, who were supposed to be protecting and serving a mostly black community. Instead, there were so many problems between the police and residents of the town, that the entire 45 person police force was fired. Wilson was one of the officers who lost his job, when the Jennings police force was disbanded.



The city of Jennings has a population of only 14,000 residents, 89 percent of those citizens are black. The racial make-up of the city’s police force, on the other hand, was something like 43 white officers to two black officers. Much like Ferguson, the poverty rate is high and full time employment is scarce. Rodney Epps, one of the Jennings city council members who voted to disband the entire police force, told the Washington Post that the city was plagued racial tension.


Epps said during an interview, published on August 23.




After a string of lawsuits over unnecessary force, including accusations of police beating and attacking residents without cause, along with federal and state investigations that revealed fraud and corruption inside the Jennings police department, the city council realized that the entire force was a liability, instead of an asset.


The council voted 6-1 to shut down the Jennings police department, fire all 45 officers who belonged to it, and start over.


While there are no specific reports about Darren Wilson at this time, Lt. Jeff Fuestang, who was appointed to run the city’s new police department described conditions in Jennings at the time the that Wilson was fired:



“There was a disconnect between the community and the police department. There were just too many instances of police tactics which put the credibility of the police department in jeopardy. Complaints against officers. There was a communication breakdown between the police and the community. There were allegations involving use of force that raised questions.”


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We highlight other people’s crimes to take the moral high ground as a pretext to ignore the real issues! The issue of Race in America!

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“America was built on two monumental crimes: The Genocide of the Native Americans and the Enslavement of Africans. The tendency of Official America is to memorialize other people’s crimes and to forget its own in order to seek a high moral ground as a pretext to ignore real issues.”


Two [2] Blacks are killed every week with impunity by White Police. This is a National and International disgrace and one that is never given any attention by Republicans. Between Republicans and Fox Misnomer News, it is self evident that the White Police was more than justified in shooting Michael Brown, the 18 year old teenager six [6] times.


This shouldn’t be a surprise to any sane person because if you look at the reality surrounding President Obama, a man who took over as President under circumstances that no other President had to deal with in the past 50 years.


Bush and Cheney reaped havoc on America and the world, they left everything upside down and threw us in deep and unforgiving waters. Obama came along and anyone that says we are worst off today than when President Obama took Office, are being deceptive, uninformed, ignorant and or, so brainwashed that to them, the 50% Black Man is the cause of all that ails America.


Earlier today Gallup released another Poll and Obama’s rating fell even lower, it is down to 35%. Why? The Dow was 7,200 when he took office and on Wednesday it closed at 16,979. The NASDQ closed at a 14 year high. Job opening in June stood at 4.6 million, the largest in 13 years. The Housing Market that collapsed by Wall Street Greed and perpetuated by the lack of regulations, bankrupted millions; millions lost their homes and those that manage to keep their homes, they did so with their mortgage under water. And yes, the Housing Market has rebounded. Unemployment that was over 10% with jobs being lost at the rate of 800,000 per month under Bush, job gains since Obama took Office is 10,000,000. Based on recent surveys, 75 of the jobs are high-wage jobs, not minimum wage.


The News Media reported that 33% of Americans wanted Obama impeached and one has to wonder why the news couldn’t be, 66% doesn’t want the President impeached. I will tell you why. The 1,500 Television Stations; 9,000 Radio Stations; the 1,500 News Paper; the 3,000 Magazines and the 2,400 Publishers are owned by six [6] Corporations and big Corporations aren’t friends with Obama. So, the Public no longer hear the News, they hear Opinions, Opinions as directed by the Corporate Owners to their Employees. Today, Americans are more uninformed about the difference between facts and fiction.


“WASHINGTON — Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the FBI.


On average, there were 96 such incidents among at least 400 police killings each year that were reported to the FBI by local police. The numbers appear to show that the shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., last Saturday was not an isolated event in American policing.


The reports show that 18% of the blacks killed during those seven years were under age 21, compared to 8.7% of whites. The victim in Ferguson was 18-year-old Michael Brown.


While the racial analysis is striking, the database it’s based on has been long considered flawed and largely incomplete. The killings are self-reported by law enforcement and not all police departments participate so the database undercounts the actual number of deaths. Plus, the numbers are not audited after they are submitted to the FBI and the statistics on “justifiable” homicides have conflicted with independent measures of fatalities at the hands of police. [Partly USA Today]


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Ferguson Police: This is not Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or some far off land. This is the United States of America! Killing an unarmed Teenager, it is Murder!

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Michael Brown is just one of the many African American Teenagers killed by trigger happy White Police. The Police kill with impunity because they have a sense that their act as barbaric and criminal as it is would have no consequences.


Michael Brown was killed in broad-daylight and there are witnesses. Five days later and the Police Chief of Ferguson still have refused to release the name of the Officer that killed Mike Brown.


See the writing on the wall. The Police Chief remarks on Thursday that the Officer suffered bruises to his face and was taken to the Hospital, seems to be another George Zimmerman type of defense scheme that is being “cooked up.”


The Ferguson Police Department has no business with the Military Type Equipment in the way of Vehicles, Guns and other Munitions. Perhaps, just perhaps, Ferguson Police Officers are watching too many Rambo and Die Hard Movies! Stop them now or the price of African teenager’s lives would surely be much more compromised.


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We cannot deny that there isn’t still a race problem in America, but we also cannot deny that we have made enormous progress!

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What Oxygen is to the lung, such is hope for the meaning of life.”


Despite all of America’s imperfections, she still stands at the top of the Pleiades of Nations. Former President Abraham Lincoln was quite honest when he said that; “He did not control events and that events control him.” As it was for President Lincoln, for the most part it has been the same for the former and present Presidents.


We all must be mindful that History does not adhere to our anxiety of timing, but rather, it lends itself to its own pace. American History cannot be studied backwards, it must be dwelled upon in the present, encompassing, all of the past as a guide to the great ongoing journey of American History.


If we are to continue on this marvelous journey, then, from our Leaders to every citizen, “we must not see ourselves as being better than others; we must allow wisdom to guide us to see that we are only different.”


On this great day; the 50th Anniversary of the greatest speech of the 20th Century, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream” speech, will always be a work in progress. If we awake from that dream, then we would be subjected to the loss of hope for better tomorrows for the present and future generations!


If your white teenager son was killed by an African American Man and found not guilty by an all African American Female Jury, what would you think?

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If you as a white person was the Parent of a 17 year white male teenager that had gone to the store around 7PM to buy candy and a soft drink and on your child’s way back home, an African American Man stalked your child; called the Police and told the Police that he saw a suspicious looking person that was up to no good.  And the Police told the African American Man they are dispatching a patrol and that he does not need “to follow your child,” but, your child ended up being dead under the same circumstances as did Trayvon Martin, and the Police even though they handcuffed the African American Man, five hour later they released him., what would you do?


Then through friends, families and other people demanded via the Media for the arrest of the African American Man and they finally arrested him and charged him for 2nd degree murder.


And during the “voir dire” the Prosecution and the Defense agreed on six (6) African American Female Jurors. Then subsequently, the trial proceeded exactly like it did in the George Zimmerman Trial. Next, the Jury went into deliberation for 16 hours and 10PM at night they announced they came to a verdict.


The Court then read the verdict and said;


“We the Jury find the African American Man, not guilty!”


Would you become introverted like Sabrina and Tracy Martin and never show yourself in public or make a public statement? Would you just settle and say, the Jury has spoken? Would you sit by without any reaction while one of the Female African American Jurors in an Television Interview said; “Your teenager, contributed to his own death; that the Male African American had all legal rights to shoot and kill your child, and that the African American Man did the only thing he could do and that is, kill your child in self defense.”


If you are really a parent and you are sincerely honest, it would be nice to hear your truthful answer as to what you would do and think?


What you would do? How would you react? Would you say that “race” was involved in the targeting and killing of your child and the not guilty verdict by the all African American Female Jurors?


Trayvon Martin is dead solely because he was black; George Zimmerman walked free because he is not!

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Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman solely because Trayvon was African American. Zimmerman targeted the kid from the minute he set his eyes upon him; he got out his vehicle even though the Police told him not to follow the kid; Zimmerman got into a confrontation with Trayvon and when he found himself in trouble, he shot the kid.


The WHITE Juror that spoke with Anderson Cooper, she along with the other Jurors vindicated George Zimmerman but found Trayvon Martin guilty. The 99 million dollar question is; “Why did the Prosecutors agree on five white women and one Hispanic?” They knew that George Zimmerman was part Hispanic, so the question begs an answer as to why?


The Juror that gave the interview to Anderson Cooper revealed in her own words even though she chose to hide in the dark, that she was going to vindicate George Zimmerman even before the deliberation ended and blame it on the deceased teenager. Even after praising Zimmerman endlessly she was asked by Anderson; “Do you feel sorry for Trayvon Martin? She said; “I feel sorry for the both of them!” Just imagine, the teenager lost his life to a crazed and deranged lunatic and she, the Juror, couldn’t even bring herself to say that she felt sorry for the teenager without adding Zimmerman.


To the many people that responded to my Monday’s remarks on CNN web site about Trayvon Martin being a thug, just wait until another Zimmerman does to your child what he did to Trayvon, then and only then, you would put away your prejudice, and realize the true meaning of “injustice.”


“Every step Mr. Martin took toward the end of his too-short life was defined by his race. I do not have to believe that Mr. Zimmerman is a hate-filled racist to recognize that he would probably not even have noticed Mr. Martin if he had been a casually dressed white teenager.

But because Mr. Martin was one of those “punks” who “always get away,” as Mr. Zimmerman characterized him in a call to the police, Mr. Zimmerman felt he was justified in following him. After all, a young black man matched the criminal descriptions, not just in local police reports, but in those most firmly lodged in Mr. Zimmerman’s imagination.”