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America Under Attack From Within!

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United States Of America Are Under Attack By Racist Donald Trump, Republicans And Trump’s Unqualified Nominees More Than Any Country or All Terrorist Groups Combined.


To the Democrats, Independents and the 52% of White Women that hated Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and voted {or didn’t vote} for the World’s biggest Con Man, Donald Trump as your President, you must be awfully proud of yourself, witnessing the “Destruction of 240 years of sacrifices, flushed down the drain by this Pathological Liar, Racist, Fascist, Bigot, Misogynist and Bankruptcy Swindler.


“Donald Trump is not looking out for America or the American people’s interest, Trump is doing what he has always done, “Screw Any And Everyone For What Benefits Donald Trump.” Just how stupid you Trump Voters are?


As we witness tonight, King of Racism, Jeff Sessions was confirmed as America’s New Attorney General. Mr. Sessions racism is so bad, Senator Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell held a special vote last night that stopped Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading a Letter from the Deceased Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King. [We are thankful for the 2 Republican Senators that Voted Against Jeff Sessions]


Prior to Jeff Sessions’ confirmation, the Republicans had the Vice President Mike Spence break a 50/50 vote in order to confirm the most unqualified person, Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. The only reason why Donald Trump nominated DeVos and the Republican Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos is solely due to the tens of millions of dollars she has given to Republicans. Crooked Donald Trump and the Fraudulent Republicans are selling out America to the highest bidder.


Trump is attacking the Judiciary, Media and any and all Opposition, in his quest to destabilize America’s Democracy and creates a Totalitarian Government, whereby Donald Trump can be a bigger Dictator than is “Protégé,” Vladimir Putin.


Join The Resist Movements Now And “Resist Crooked Donald Trump And The Fraudulent Republican Congress.


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America’s Decaying 305 Lbs Sausage, Donald Trump, Self-Righteous Mike Spence And The Fraudulent Republican Congress Are Selling America And Its People To The Highest Bidder And Literally Wrecking 240 Years Of Sacrifices.

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Today February 7, 2017, Donald Trump, Mike Spence and 50 Republican Senators sold America’s Children and Education System to Betsy DeVos in exchange for the millions of dollars DeVos has given to Republican Politicians including Donald Trump.


It is self evident that trump and Republicans do not care about educating the American Children because, the more uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed voters are, the more certain Republicans are of holding on to their Positions and winning Elections.


Educated and Uneducated Voters are like “Water and Oil.” Shake it all you can but be sure and know that it would never mix!


It is clear that the Democrats do not have the votes in the House or the Senate to stop the Republicans and Trump, but what we do have is the “Resistance Movements” against Donald Trump and Republicans phantasmagoric rationales and internecine Policies.


“When Illegality Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty.” Thomas Jefferson.


“The Constitution Is Not A Document For Government To Restrain The People; It is An Instrument For People To Restrain The Government.” Paul Henry


Do not ever surrender your rights to America’s Con Man, Liar and King Of Larceny, Donald Trump or the fraudulent Republicans hiding behind Congressional Protection.


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