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Republicans Have Institutionalized Dishonesty!

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Politicians lie. We all know this. There are lies of omission and lies of commission and lies that are the result of willful ignorance and lies that are the result of simple ignorance in its purest form. But only one party has institutionalized dishonesty, and that is the Republican Party.


They have lied about everything, from Obamacare to Benghazi to the economy, like these, And Republicans obviously think that’s okay, as the recent bruhaha over the prisoner exchange that returned Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to his family:



Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA) flip-flopped.



Republicans deleted comments they made previously in support of freeing Bergdahl so that they can accuse Obama of doing what they had previously supported.



They claim Obama did not discuss the exchange with them but it turns out Obama did discuss it with them as far back as 2011.



And they are sure as shooting not going to bring up the 500+ GItmo prisoners released by President George W. Bush. For the math challenged, that’s 100 x as many prisoners as Obama exchanged for Bergdahl.




The Cuban anarchist, Ted Cruz, falsely claimed until Obama no American president had ever negotiated with terrorists

Sarah Palin condemned Obama’s action yet in 2008 prayed for his release.




John McCain flip-flopped: he was for a prisoner swap and then suddenly against it. And not only did he flip-flop, but he then lied about having flip-flopped.



And perhaps the most egregious example of dishonesty and hypocrisy comes from Oliver North. North, deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal and convicted on multiple counts after engaging in trading 2000 missiles to Iran in exchange for seven Americans being held in Lebanon, then gave the money from that missile sale to Iran Contra death squads…well; let’s just let a photo do the talking:



Of course, the mainstream media is more than willing to let North get away with this without reminding viewers of Iran-Contra, but Jon Stewart was not. As Stewart put it, “You’re saying it now like it’s a bad thing.”



Open the link for the full story and numerous photos:




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Obama exchanged 5 Detainees for One POW; Bush released over 500 Detainees; Regan gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for Hostages; where was the GOP Out-Cry!

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Despite the Republicans going nuts I think America is fortunate that President Obama exchanged the five Detainees for Sgt. Bowe Brigdhal, because, had President Obama left Sgt. Brigdhal as a POW and the Republicans found out, they would have gone Ape-Nuts!


The Congressional Republicans and their surrogates are not “stupid” people, but they are very deceptive, egregious and pernicious. Their Out-Cry is just to continue to throw Red-Meat to their dwindling base who are very uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed. It is easier for the Republicans to fool their base than for others to convince them that they are being fooled.


George W. Bush released over 500 Detainees from GITMO and there wasn’t a single complaint from any GOP Law Maker. Ronald Reagan illegally gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for the exchange of Hostages and it was the same, no GOP complaint.


Under Reagan we had 60 attacks at our foreign Embassies and 90 people died and under Bush we had 30 attacks with 60 dead. Under Obama we have had one attack in Benghazi with 4 dead and after 13 hearings, a Criminal Investigation that was done by Former Republican Ambassador Thomas Pickering and General Michael Mullen that found no malfeasance, Republicans are holding another Congressional Investigation.


 I think the Public should accept two things; Irrespective of what good President Obama has done and continues to do, Republicans are not going to give him any credit for it. It was George W. Bush and the Republican Senate and House that started two wars; gave a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich and crashed the economy, but, somehow they have managed to convince their brainwashed base, that it is Obama’s fault.


The second thing that the Public has to accept is that, Congressional Republicans, Governors and the likes, they are not dumb, illiterate people, they are educated, but they pretend ignorance about facts including denying Climate Change Science in order to keep their based, ignorant, uninformed and brainwashed. Republicans are terrified about having an educated, informed and knowledgeable of the facts American Population, because they know if that becomes fact, it would be fifty years or more before they would win the Presidency or control any of the two branches of Congress!


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After 5 years in captivity Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is freed and Republicans claim President Obama broke the law!

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The Policy that the Republicans are claiming as to why President Obama broke the Law, isn’t what the facts states. Sgt. Bergdahl was a Prisoner of War and as such he was exchanged for Prisoners we have had in the illegal Guantanamo Bay Prison. Obama did try and keep his promise to close Guantanamo Bay, however, this needs authorization from Congress and Republicans have blocked that part.


Less than a dozen cases have been adjudicated from Guantanamo Bay Military Tribunal, however, we have tried in excess of 450 Terrorists in the United States Courts and have had 99.9% conviction.


Irrespective of where people stand on Guantanamo Bay, Americans, I mean all Americans, should be overwhelmed of the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release. The Republicans have gone ape-nuts in criticizing President Obama over the Prisoner exchange. Just ask yourself, if Sgt. Bergdahl was the son of one of these sorry Republicans, “would they be complaining?”


Bush and Cheney broke almost every law in invading Iraq and in so doing we lost over 4,500 precious lives of our soldiers and some 55,000 were severely wounded. Of course we are not even counting the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives that were killed in our “so called collateral damage.”


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