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SICKNESS HAS A LIMIT! On February 5, 2019 as I enter into Open Heart Bypass Surgery, I choose; hope over despair; faith over chance; life over death; and my physical, mental and emotional being shall overcome one of life’s obstacles.

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In all sickness, the Lord said to the waves of pain, “Hitherto shall ye go, but no further.” His fixed purpose is not the destruction, but the instruction of His people. Wisdom hangs up the thermometer at the furnace mouth and regulates the heart.


The limit is encouragingly comprehensive. The God of providence has limited the time, manner, intensity, repletion, and effects of all our sicknesses; each throb decreed, each sleepless hour predestined, and each relapse ordained, each depression of spirit foreknown, and each sanctifying result eternally purposed. Nothing great or small escapes the ordaining hand of Him who numbers the hairs on our head.


The limit is wisely adjusted to our strength, to the end designed, and to the grace appointed. Affliction comes not at haphazard – the weight of every stroke of the rod is accurately measured. He who made no mistakes in balancing the clouds and meting out the heavens, commits no errors in measuring out the ingredients which compose the medicine of souls. We cannot suffer much more nor be relived too late.


The limit is tenderly appointed. The knife of the Heavenly Surgeon never cuts deeper than is absolutely necessary. “He doth not afflict willingly, nor grieve His Children.” A mother’s heart cries, “Spare my child:” but no mother is more compassionate than our gracious God. When considered how hard-mouthed we are, it is a wonder than we are not driven with a sharper bit. The thought is full of consolation, that he who has fixed the bounds of our habitation, has also fixed the bounds of our tribulation.


Sheriff Gerry Ali – February 3, 2013A 1-0-60

My greatest affliction!

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We can become able masters of the human heart, but only if we allow ourselves to be tutored in the school of “heart-felt” personal experience.


Kings have their troubles; the peasant has his cares; the wayfarer has many hardships; the Captain has his difficulties, and there were times when the dark valleys were too much for me, but thank God, “The Lord was my Shepherd!”


I was also tried in my friends and my counselors; they forsook me! They that ate my bread lifted up their heels against me, but my worst foes were that of my own household; my blood family; but especially my children, they were my greatest affliction.


The temptations of poverty and wealth, of honor and reproach, of health and sickness, all took a toll on me. The trials from without disturbed my peace, and from within, marred my joy. No sooner I escaped from one trial I fell into another; emerging from one season of despondency and alarm, I was again brought into the lowest depths, whilst simultaneously the waves of billows were rolling over me.


At the time, whatever my frame of mind, whatever ecstasy of depression, was the result of emotions propelled by incomprehensible deep hurt. Having been instructed in life’s personal experience, I have matured with God’s grace through the years, and with my Lord’s inexhaustible mercy, He placed me in “Green Pastures.” My soul, let my Lord’s grace continue to cheer and counsel thee,” this day!

Sheriff G Ali


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Sheriff G Ali 2010-2016


Criticizing President Obama By The Media And Some Citizens Have Taken Us Into New Heights Of National Disgrace…

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Outraged over President Obama not attending Paris March is misplaced. Terrorist killed 12 on January 7; killed 1 January 8; French Authorities killed 3 Terrorists on January 9 and another on the run; France made a Public announcement January 10 that Terrorists Cells have been activated; Paris March set for January 11. Just how do you get the President of the United States amongst one million plus people without risking his life and that of many others?


All of the Media that are owned by six [6] Corporations really no longer report the News, the Media most of the time manufacture garbage and pass it on to the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed, hate-mongers, bigots, prejudiced and to some degree, racists, as though it is fact. Jake Tapper of CNN went as far as stating that he is ashamed of his country.


Despite France having suffered severe loss from Religious Fanatics the French Government including the Opposition and the French Citizens maintained their dignity in their time of grief. But not here in America where the right and left wing Nut Jobs go the extra mile to indulge in phantasmagoric rationales and internecine deluge, embarrassing themselves, but most importantly embarrassing the United States that view America as a National and International Disgrace.


President Obama has become the Piñata of senseless criticism, especially by Republican Legislators and their dumbfounded Trolls on Social Media that have allowed hate to usurp common sense and every ounce of decency from them.


President Obama from the time he took Office on January 20, 2009, both he and his Administration have been fighting Terrorists every day for the past six years. They have had some successes and some setbacks. What most people fail to realize is that Terrorists live for Terror, it is “Human Wickedness” and you can’t kill that with a Gun. And in that regard, perhaps, just perhaps, the world need to step back and reexamine the “cause” of this most disgusting symptom of killers, rapists and everything despicable to human society.


America and other Nations paroxysm that has totally spun out of control along with Lex Talionis for the past 13 years, really haven’t resolved the world’s Terrorism, if anything, is has gotten worst. I admit, I don’t have the answer!


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IS GOD REAL? What I saw while in a Coma!

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“You may ask me how I know my God is real

You may doubt the things I say and doubt the way I feel,

But I know my God is real today and will always be

I can feel His Hand in mine, and that’s enough for me!”


What I saw while in a Coma  


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In Her Eyes

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To My Daughter – Natalia Ali; love Dad

By Michelle W. Emerson


The depth of a father’s love shows in his daughter’s eyes.

What’s known is what’s shown from sunset to sunrise.

A foundation built on more than just what is spoken.

It’s commitments kept and promised that go unbroken.

An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase.

The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face.

A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand,

Yet so immaculate it’s obvious that, by God, it was planned.


I believe it all began when she would sleep upon your chest.

Now you’re her number one, her favorite, you’re the best!

You move and she watches so closely it’s as if she’s in a trance.

The fact that she can repeat you, exactly, isn’t just by chance.

From wrestling, racing, jump roping to being made up like a doll.

Both playmate and best friend, you’ve done some of it all.

A secret place, a look, special time just for her and you.

When a choice is to be made, it’s all about what Daddy wants to do.

And you’re there to cater to her every need and every wish.

There’s an invisible pedestal for Daddy’s little princess.

She’s content just to be. She’s filled with absolute bliss

Just to sit up under you, giving an occasional hug and kiss.

Sweet dreams are non-existent without Daddy’s goodnight kiss.

Your gentle stroke, words just for her, your check on hers is what she’d miss.

It’s simply because of how you love her, I surmise.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.



With you her laughter is harder and her smile is even brighter.

You have a friendship, a bond, a soul tie that couldn’t be any tighter.

It’s more than a special bond; it’s an exclusive connection.

No room for a third party or attempted interjection.

This love is reserved just for Dad and no other.

It’s not the same for siblings, not even for Mother.

It’s the kind of love that I could never despise.

For the depth of your love always shows in her eyes.


To her, you’d give anything, but it’s not about the gift.

It’s that marvelous smile brought on by the spirit you lift.

It’s not about what you can give her or about what you can do.

It’s about the unconditional love reciprocated between you two.

It’s the tears in her eyes when you two disagree.

Nothing’s quite right until ‘I love you and I’m sorry.’

It’s that spunk in her step, the rainbow in her eye-

You’ll know she’s a Daddy’s girl when she passes by.

She’s got the kind of love that never fades or dies.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.


Upon angel wings you soar; your sparkling golden halo glows

Whenever she’s with you, it’s Heaven in her eyes that shows.

Her eyes hold a song so beautiful you’d think it was Heaven’s melody.

It’s the music of love’s symphony composed by each precious memory.

The love known is the love you’ve shown from sunset to sunrise.

The depth of your love will forever show in your daughter’s eyes.

 NATALIA ALI- a-fathers-prayer-for-his-daughter