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George Zimmerman arrested! It was never a matter of if, but when!

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What is positively shocking about Zimmerman is the capriciousness of the Authorities and the insane view by the supporters of Zimmerman, that this is a person that should be allowed to walk around with a loaded gun!


Zimmerman’s vindication of the Trayvon Martin murder gave Zimmerman a sense of invincibility – “that he could do whatever he wanted without any repercussion of consequences.” The Authorities unwillingness to file charges against Zimmerman when he killed Trayvon Martin and to do so only out of public pressure and in addition, to file Second Degree Murder Charges, said it all.


Second Degree Murder is perhaps the most difficult to prove in a Court of Law, because, it requires the Prosecutor to convince the Jury that somehow, he/she knew what was in the heart of the Murderer.




The unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse!


The definition of murder has evolved over several centuries. Under most modern statutes in the United States, murder comes in four varieties: (1) intentional murder; (2) a killing that resulted from the intent to do serious bodily injury; (3) a killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness; and (4) murder committed by an Accomplice during the commission of, attempt of, or flight from certain felonies.


Had Zimmerman being charged for Manslaughter from the inception of the Trayvon Martin’s Murder, Zimmerman would have been tucked away for at least fifteen years, which would have perhaps allowed him the necessary time to find himself.


Unless or until the Authorities incarcerate or confine Zimmerman to a Prison Cell or secured Mental Facility, Zimmerman is a “ticking time bomb,” that will kill again and perhaps in the most heinous manner.


Florida’s Macho Governor Rick Scott; his predecessor Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislators that implemented “Stand your ground” law,” would only have a change of heart about abolishing this madness, but, “only if it affected theirs or their family lives.”


Perhaps, just perhaps, you would see comments by the “brain-dead” espousing the 2nd Amendment! However, my opinion rendered, hasn’t anything to do with the 2nd Amendment!



To my Mom, Sabrina Fulton By Trayvon Martin!

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[If Trayvon had lived, I believe he would write these words

To his graceful Mom, Ms. Sabrina Fulton]



Mom, for the clutch of pains that follow you

From your head down to your sole,

Wondering what life holds’ for you?

In the darkness of your world


Despite the pangs, Mom, do not complain

Even when you pine,

And though at times you may feel disdain

Please know, you are wholly Thine


Beyond this world of wrath and tears

I Loom from the Heavens’ above,

With freedom from pains or fears!

And the bounty of our Father’s love


So, in the midst of your circumstance

In the blessed evening shade,

Mom, live by faith and not by chance

Strong in heart and always, unafraid!


© Sheriff G Ali 2013


Ms. Sabrina Fullerton; I dedicate this Poem’s message to you, coupled with the amazing words so full of truth, written, so long ago.


“You must go back, then, a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday, and though all may be dark now, you must light up the lamps of the past. They shall glitter through the darkness, and you must continue to trust in the Lord, till the day break, and the shadows flee away.”


If your white teenager son was killed by an African American Man and found not guilty by an all African American Female Jury, what would you think?

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If you as a white person was the Parent of a 17 year white male teenager that had gone to the store around 7PM to buy candy and a soft drink and on your child’s way back home, an African American Man stalked your child; called the Police and told the Police that he saw a suspicious looking person that was up to no good.  And the Police told the African American Man they are dispatching a patrol and that he does not need “to follow your child,” but, your child ended up being dead under the same circumstances as did Trayvon Martin, and the Police even though they handcuffed the African American Man, five hour later they released him., what would you do?


Then through friends, families and other people demanded via the Media for the arrest of the African American Man and they finally arrested him and charged him for 2nd degree murder.


And during the “voir dire” the Prosecution and the Defense agreed on six (6) African American Female Jurors. Then subsequently, the trial proceeded exactly like it did in the George Zimmerman Trial. Next, the Jury went into deliberation for 16 hours and 10PM at night they announced they came to a verdict.


The Court then read the verdict and said;


“We the Jury find the African American Man, not guilty!”


Would you become introverted like Sabrina and Tracy Martin and never show yourself in public or make a public statement? Would you just settle and say, the Jury has spoken? Would you sit by without any reaction while one of the Female African American Jurors in an Television Interview said; “Your teenager, contributed to his own death; that the Male African American had all legal rights to shoot and kill your child, and that the African American Man did the only thing he could do and that is, kill your child in self defense.”


If you are really a parent and you are sincerely honest, it would be nice to hear your truthful answer as to what you would do and think?


What you would do? How would you react? Would you say that “race” was involved in the targeting and killing of your child and the not guilty verdict by the all African American Female Jurors?


Trayvon Martin is dead solely because he was black; George Zimmerman walked free because he is not!

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Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman solely because Trayvon was African American. Zimmerman targeted the kid from the minute he set his eyes upon him; he got out his vehicle even though the Police told him not to follow the kid; Zimmerman got into a confrontation with Trayvon and when he found himself in trouble, he shot the kid.


The WHITE Juror that spoke with Anderson Cooper, she along with the other Jurors vindicated George Zimmerman but found Trayvon Martin guilty. The 99 million dollar question is; “Why did the Prosecutors agree on five white women and one Hispanic?” They knew that George Zimmerman was part Hispanic, so the question begs an answer as to why?


The Juror that gave the interview to Anderson Cooper revealed in her own words even though she chose to hide in the dark, that she was going to vindicate George Zimmerman even before the deliberation ended and blame it on the deceased teenager. Even after praising Zimmerman endlessly she was asked by Anderson; “Do you feel sorry for Trayvon Martin? She said; “I feel sorry for the both of them!” Just imagine, the teenager lost his life to a crazed and deranged lunatic and she, the Juror, couldn’t even bring herself to say that she felt sorry for the teenager without adding Zimmerman.


To the many people that responded to my Monday’s remarks on CNN web site about Trayvon Martin being a thug, just wait until another Zimmerman does to your child what he did to Trayvon, then and only then, you would put away your prejudice, and realize the true meaning of “injustice.”


“Every step Mr. Martin took toward the end of his too-short life was defined by his race. I do not have to believe that Mr. Zimmerman is a hate-filled racist to recognize that he would probably not even have noticed Mr. Martin if he had been a casually dressed white teenager.

But because Mr. Martin was one of those “punks” who “always get away,” as Mr. Zimmerman characterized him in a call to the police, Mr. Zimmerman felt he was justified in following him. After all, a young black man matched the criminal descriptions, not just in local police reports, but in those most firmly lodged in Mr. Zimmerman’s imagination.”



To vindicate George Zimmerman, the Jury found Trayvon Martin Guilty!

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For the Jury to have found George Zimmerman innocent, it means they found the murdered teenager, guilty. Does it surprise you? Well you shouldn’t be, because, the same American Judicial System that worked against the deceased teenager, Trayvon Martin, is at work every single day against “EVERY BLACK DEFENDANT.”


People do not like to sight race because it makes others uncomfortable, however, to deny that “race” hadn’t anything to do with this escapade is not only deceptive, it is fraudulent!


Former President Lyndon B. Johnson articulated race better than anyone in the past or the present! President Johnson said;


“Until justice is blind to color; until education is unaware of race; until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men’s skin, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact.”


Women should be really ticked-off at Mark O’Mara, for attempting to insult their intelligence!

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In his closing argument, Mark O’Mara told the all female Jury not to use their common sense; not to think; not to pay attention to the circumstances, even though the case against his client from the very inception was based on “circumstantial evidence,” and that they should come back with a verdict of “totally innocent for his client.”


The State’s Case against George Zimmerman for the murder of the teenager, Trayvon Martin, was always based on “circumstantial evidence,” and the definitions of circumstantial evidence are;


“Evidence not bearing directly on the fact in dispute but on various attendant circumstances from which the Judge or Jury might infer occurrence of the fact in dispute.”


“Evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute.”


What is in dispute is not whether or not George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin or who was responsible for the deadly pursuit, but rather, “George Zimmerman’s varying accounts as to why he shot and killed the teenager.”


From George Zimmerman’s 911 call we actually know that George Zimmerman targeted Trayvon Martin as a “suspect who was up to no good; we know factually that the 911 operator told him not to follow the teenager; we know factually that he lied about not knowing the name of the street where he lived for four years and was the Captain of the Neighborhood Watch; we know that there are only three streets; we know that George Zimmerman has given at least five versions of what happened when he shot Trayvon Martin.”


We also know factually from the 911 call and George Zimmerman’s own words that he, George Zimmerman felt that Trayvon Martin was up to no good; we also know from Zimmerman’s own words that he Zimmerman, stated that “they always get away; we also know from the 911 call that Zimmerman told the 911 Operator that Trayvon Martin was running away; we know that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle.


All of the above are not in dispute and the only thing that is in dispute is that there was a confrontation and Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.


This brings me back to why “Women” should be very upset with Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara!”


O’Mara told the all female Jury that “there is no evidence in this case; that the State did not provide any evidence; that the deceased teenager used concrete as a weapon; that his client was the victim and I could go on, but I think by now you would have gotten the idea of where I am going.


O’Mara’s phantasmagoric rationales and internecine assumptions of what transpired during the confrontation doesn’t make Trayvon Martin any less dead, and it is my belief that the Jury will take into consideration the totality of all of the circumstances and find George Zimmerman guilty of Second Degree Murder.


Attorney Mark O’Mara is a reprobate for attempting to blame the 17 year old deceased teenager for his own death, in order to vindicate his parasitic client!

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