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Wife Of Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom Insulted President Obama With A Racist Remark On Twitter: “Do U Know What Obama Coffee Is? “Black And Weak.” Judy Mozes

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Judy Mozes One Of Israel’s And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Whores, The Leaches That Suck $3,200,000,000.00 [Three Billion Two Hundred Million Dollars] Annually From American Taxpayers.


This WHORE JUDY MOZES insults the President of the United States in a World-Wide Forum and America’s Politicians are SILENT!


It is not difficult to see why Dylann Roof would walk into a Church and kill Nine [9] African American Citizens and Republicans and Fox News are determined that Dylann Roof is not a Racist, they say he is mental.


In a stunning lack of respect for the leader of Israel’s closest ally (and main protector), the wife of Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom tweeted a racist joke about President Obama.


In a quickly-deleted tweet that, of course, will never truly disappear, Judy Mozes, an Israeli celebrity in her own right, asked her followers “Do u know what Obama Coffee is?” The punchline: “Black and weak.” Ugh.


It’s surreal to watch American conservatives bash the president for having no respect for Israel when the Israeli government (and, apparently, their wives) so consistently prove they are the ones who can’t afford a modicum of tact. Recently, Israeli prime minister flew to Washington to stand before Congress and lecture the president. It was an unprecedented insult to America’s democratically-elected president, but earned him gushing praise from Republican lawmakers who jumped up 26 times (26!) in his speech to give him frenzied standing ovations.



And yet, it is Obama who is criticized for alienating Israel? By all accounts, he is giving them more patience and respect than they deserve.


Sadly, it may not all be politics, either. In 2008, while the rest of the world congratulated Obama on his historic win, one of Israel’s conservative newspapers ran this “political” cartoon, where Obama is shown painting the White House black.


As Vox points out, Israel’s politicians also have a history of invoking Obama’s race and background when they try to bash him. In one recent example, an Israeli politician wrote an op-ed in Foreign Policy that would have made any right-wing racist nod in agreement:


Obama’s attitudes toward Islam clearly stem from his personal interactions with Muslims. These were described in depth in his candid memoir, Dreams from My Father, published 13 years before his election as president. Obama wrote passionately of the Kenyan villages where, after many years of dislocation, he felt most at home and of his childhood experiences in Indonesia. I could imagine how a child raised by a Christian mother might see himself as a natural bridge between her two Muslim husbands. I could also speculate how that child’s abandonment by those men could lead him, many years later, to seek acceptance by their co-religionists.


So Obama is a secret Muslim who is also “black and weak.” No wonder right-wing conservatives defend Israel so aggressively, they seem to be sharing the same racist memes on Facebook. [Source Los Angeles Times]



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If You Are Not In The 5% Top Earners Voting Republican Is Against Your Own Interest And That Of Your Children And The Generations To Come.

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Why You Must Question The Pollsters, The Media And The Republicans!

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DEMOCRATS: Remember The Media, Pollsters And Republicans In 2012 That Romney Was Going To Win! Remember Eric Cantor Was Going To Win The Primary By 35% And He Lost By 25%! Do Your Part And Vote And We Will Maintain Control Of The US Senate.


Polls Are More Misleading Today Than Any Time Before.  Pollsters Are Polling Land-Lines And We Know Factually, Senior Citizens Are Mostly The Only Ones Still Using Land Lines And They Do Always Vote Republican. It would be Another Five Years Plus, Before Polls Would Be Able To Incorporate Cell Phones In Surveys In Order To Again Become A True Scientific Measure.



When It Make Sense To Question The Polls [NYT]


I wrote an article this week headlined “Why Polls Tend to Undercount Democrats.” Reaction was fierce.


A number of readers compared the article’s argument to the “unskewed” polls phenomenon before the 2012 presidential election, when many commentators argued, mainly based on their instinct about the likely composition of the electorate, that the polls were missing Republican-leaning voters.


Other than the observation that the polls might be off, the similarities end there.


The unskewers peered into the crosstabs of the polls, saw party-identification figures that they didn’t believe, and said that their candidate would lead if the polls matched their assumptions.


As a general rule, this is not a good idea. There are instances when it is fine to criticize the composition of the polls, but usually only when it’s a metric where we have very good knowledge about the “truth” of the target population, as when the pool of adults differs from the census or when a poll from the voter file looks a lot different than the voter file.



The “unskewers” were relying more on their intuition about the likely electorate rather than any data. There are no census figures, for instance, on the partisan self-identification of likely voters. The figures usually used by unskewers, like the exit polls or the Voting and Registration Supplement to the Census Current Population Survey, are not nearly good enough for this sort of analysis.


To take an example from this year: We really have no idea how many Colorado voters were Hispanic in 2010 or 2012. It might have been 7 percent; it might have been 12 percent. We really have no idea whether they voted for President Obama by 30 points or 60 points. So I don’t embrace the view, argued by many on Twitter, that we know the Colorado polls are biased if they show Mark Udall only up by a bit with a seemingly small Hispanic share of the electorate.


When is it a good idea to question the polls? When there are good reasons to believe that the polls are missing or screening out certain kinds of voters.


Research suggests that polls need to do the following things to produce a representative sample: call enough cellphones; sample voters with out-of-state area codes; weight to recent population parameters and hit your targets; weight by population density or appropriate geographic areas; conduct interviews in Spanish; call back nonrespondents over multiple nights of interviews. We could go on.


If you believe that these are best practices, then you should also believe that a majority of the polls out there have Republican-leaning samples, even after weighting, because many or most of the polls aren’t embracing some or all of these practices. Or put differently: If you think I’m unskewing the polls, then you must also believe that the top pollsters are unskewing as well.


It’s hard to say how large the accumulated bias might be, but it’s fairly indisputable: If we had up-to-date population targets for states, every pollster would weight to them — and it would make every poll more Democratic. If pollsters could call out-of-state area codes with random digit dialing, they would — and it would probably make polls more Democratic.


  All that aside, I really don’t think we should expect huge polling errors on Tuesday. Young and nonwhite voters won’t turn out in large numbers. There aren’t many Hispanic voters in the battlegrounds. The states tend to have smaller urban-rural divides. The generational divide is smaller, as well, with Democrats running far better than President Obama among older voters and behind among younger voters.


Any modest bias can easily be overwhelmed by movement among undecided voters or in screening for likely voters. Over all, the Republicans are undoubtedly favorites to take the Senate.


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James Woods fantasized on Twitter about the deaths of President Obama and Hillary Clinton!

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This washed-up ageing old racist has been on Twitter trashing Obama for all that ails America. His fans who are the usual suspects, right-wing extremist Republicans fantasized with him.


Disagreeing with someone is far different than wishing them dead; James Woods need to take a good look in the mirror, because he seems more fitting for the Pine-Box.


It is unbelievable that Republicans, Fox News and their right-wing followers buy into the phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism as though it is fact when it is really crap. People often wonder why Middle-Class and Poor Republicans vote against their interest and the only way to explain the mystery, is to think about it in this context;


When you are dead you don’t know you are dead, others do, but you don’t, so, if you apply that philosophy to stupidity, there is your answer!


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John Bolton, Former Ambassador under George W Bush spent $14,000.00 on Twitter Ads Bashing Obama

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Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, a Republican who said he is mulling a run for president in 2016, is a somewhat ubiquitous presence for politicos on Twitter.


The Washington Post documented in July how users who search for terms like “GOP” or even just “politics” on Twitter are greeted with ads from Bolton blasting President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. For example, Business Insider just did a Twitter search for “Benghazi” and was presented with ads featuring surveys asking if Israel is justified in its conflict with Hamas and if we agree that “Iran is taking America to the cleaners.” 


These ads weren’t free. According to the July federal campaign finance filings, Bolton’s PAC spent $30,000 on online advertising and his super PAC spent another $20,000. Of that total, $14,353 went to Twitter ads, Bolton spokesman Garrett Marquis told Business Insider.


We must never forget that John Bolton along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and others in the Bush gang are the people that that got us into Iraq and the badly mismanaged war in Afghanistan at a cost of thousands of American lives, in excess of 50,129 wounded at a cost of 5.1 trillion dollars to date.


Republicans and Fox News slams President Obama 24/7 while idolizing Vladimir Putin – the Incarnate Stalin. Imagine, Americans that are so hell bent on wanting Obama to falter at the cost of America, they worship the killer of the 298 people that were killed on the Malaysian Flight!


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I posted a tweet of Obama graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and the GOP TROLLS went nuts, demanding Verification of Obama’s Harvard Education. [I have 103,000 followers, both Pro-Obama and Anti-Obama @sheriffali]

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Bill Kristol, a Republican partisan and critic of Obama had the decency to verify Obama’s Harvard Records. Directly below are excerpts from Mr. Kristol’s acknowledgment, however, you can open the Weekly Standard Link below or Google Obama’s information.


Barack Obama Graduated Magna Cum Laude From Harvard


“This was an unacknowledged form of affirmative action, but just because the Law Review didn’t acknowledge it didn’t mean law firms would follow suit. Membership on the Law Review basically meant that you were one of Harvard’s smartest students. Unless you got there for some reason other than your grades. In those cases, hiring authorities would usually dismiss your Law Review membership, although they would never admit to doing so.


The only reason I bring this barely relevant history up is to show what a stud of a law student Barack Obama was. He graduated Harvard magna cum laude. This was one honor you unquestionably had to earn. It’s a very impressive feat. Back in Obama’s days at Harvard, more than 50 percent of the class graduated cum laude, a fact that made graduating “with honors” a meaningless accomplishment. But graduating magna was a different kettle of fish. Barack Obama graduated right near the top of his law school class.


That fact, along with his presidency of the Law Review, makes his uniform popularity all the more impressive. Law schools are intensely competitive places. People who thrive to an unseemly extent, as Obama did, are usually subject to an array of resentments. After all, the lawyers of tomorrow populate law schools; pettiness and insecurity reign supreme.


The people that Obama so thoroughly charmed generally weren’t the charm-prone types. I say the following as a well known Republican partisan–the fact that his classmates so universally held him in the highest regard suggests that Barack Obama may truly be a special person.” [Bill Krostol]


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