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The without facts crowd that are always “whining” about President Obama!

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At 46 years of age in 2008 Obama received approximately 65 million votes and was elected President of the United States.


In 2012 by approximately the same number of votes Obama was reelected to serve a second term.


When Obama took Office in 2009 this was America’s predicament;


We were losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 per month and the unemployment was over 10%. Bush’s net job creation in eight years resulted in one million new jobs.


The Dow Jones plunged from approximately 14,000 to 6,500;


The S & P that house almost all of the 401K’s fell to 730 reducing people’s retirement by at least 50%;


The housing market derivatives scheme had fallen apart and millions of people lost their homes; millions more found themselves under water with their mortgages.


Banks were failing at the rate of approximately 100 per month wiping out depositors life savings.


We were involved in two wars with no end in sight.


America’s financial system was on the verge of collapse.



Summary as of May 16, 2014;




Over the past 5 years more than 9.2 million jobs have been added to the work force and today the unemployment rate stands at 6.3%.


The Dow now stands at 16,000 plus.


The S & P stands at 1,872, recovering 100% of the 401K plans and then some.


The housing market more than a year now has finally turned positive.


Obama withdrew us out of Iraq and in the coming months we would be out of Afghanistan.


The Deficit continues to fall at record levels, despite having to still pay for Bush’s mismanaged Afghanistan and Iraq War.


Our financial system now has a very sound footing to prevent us from collapse.


So, what is your complain? Is it the man’s 50% African American or his 50% White?



Is racism your facts? Is hate your facts? Is stupidity your facts? Is it you being an uninformed right-winger your facts? Is it being brainwashed by the GOP who doesn’t do anything for the middle-class or the poor your facts?


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The Drunken Pirate and his one-eyed myrmidons!

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President Obama is calculating some very serious odds with very serious consequences. He’s done alright navigating the shoals of Iraq and Afghanistan despite being handed the tiller by a drunken pirate and his one-eyed henchmen.


However, it is amazing to see on a daily basis Polls after Polls the low ratings Obama receives from majority of the American people. One must ask, what is the reason behind those low numbers? Despite Obama having stabilized the country financially, militarily and otherwise, Obama inherited a job market where the previous occupant of the White House lost over ten million jobs and handed the range to the new President with an unemployment rate that exceeded 10%, today the unemployment rate is the lowest since 2008 and stands at 6.3%. But, his critics’ complaints are that these are not high paying jobs. Irrespective of where the jobs fall in the pay scale, it is better to have 9,200,000 people working than sitting at home in desperation with the out of control Republican House of Congress, refusing to bring to the floor a vote to reinstate the unemployment insurance that expired since last December, that would most certainly help those that have suffered and is still suffering.


On two other fronts, the housing market that totally crashed under Bush due to lack of oversight and or regulations, have rebounded. The stock market where the Dow fell to 6,500 under Bush, it stands today above 16,000. The S & P that fell under Bush to 730 wiping people’s 401K Plans by 50% or more have rebounded to over 1,850, regaining 100% of the 401K Plans value and then some.


Any fool can start wars and that was the case with the drunken Pirate and his one-eyed myrmidons that was running an Ochlocracy. Obama is wise enough and intelligent enough to see the futility into dragging us into another war. And because Obama is smarter than the “warmongers” of the failed Bush Administration and the all mouth and no brain Republicans, they say he is weak. Being humble and prudent is the resilience of strength; being arrogant and capricious is the “hallmark” of true weakness.


Bush’s lackadaisical attitude towards the August 6, 2001 National Security Daily Briefing that was titled; “Al Qaeda determined to strike within the continental United States, using Air Crafts as lethal weapons,” one month and five days later led to the 9/11 devastation that killed over 3,000 Americans and people from other Nations. The direct cost for the 9/11 attack was 1.5 trillion and the subsequent cost for the two wars Bush got us into is well over 4 trillion dollars.


However, you didn’t hear the Republicans and Fox Misnomer News calling for Bush’s impeachment; cover-up or resignation, but the one unfortunate attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, they claim is far worse than Watergate. Under Bush there were 13 attacks to our facilities abroad that killed 60, but again, there was no outcry.


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