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Don’t Be Conned By The Anti Hillary Avarice Seeking Ratings And Mammon Media Or The Morally Bankrupt Republicans. Electoral College Votes Is What Wins The Presidency And 55 Days Away; Hillary Clinton Is The 45Th President.

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Don’t Be Conned By The Anti Hillary Avarice Seeking Ratings And Mammon Media Or The Morally Bankrupt Republicans. Electoral College Votes Is What Wins The Presidency And 55 Days Away; Hillary Clinton Is The 45TH President.


Under no scenario Donald Trump can win. Using Racism via Birtherism to insult and delegitimize the First African American President, Elected Twice with votes totaling in excess of 130 Million, Trump will never get the Black Votes.


Insulting Hispanics by calling them murderers and rapists and claiming to build an imaginary wall, Trump will only receive the bare minimum of Hispanics voting for him.


Insulting Women, calling them Pigs and stating Megyn Kelly had blood flowing from you know where, majority of women has tossed Trump into the trash. For the first time a Republican Nominee, Con Man Trump has lost the White Educated, College Graduate votes.


Most importantly, America is a decent country, full of compassion and fair, so, there aren’t enough Racists that would give Trump the White House. Even his own GOP Party doesn’t want him. Colin Powell was right; Donald Trump is a National Disgrace and an International Pariah.


Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight – Hillary Clinton Chances Of Winning The Presidency is 68.9% Compared to Donald Trump 31.0% As Of September 14, 2016.


In 2012 Every Television Channel Polls Told Us That Mitt Romney Was Going To Win The Presidency. The Media Kept The Story Going Even On Election Day 2012. The Only Person, Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight Called The Election For Obama’s Reelection Months Before We voted.


Now The Corporate Owned media with avarice for ratings and mammon is up to their same old scheme, skewing the Polls by insulting us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is in a Dead Heat. That is everyone except Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight. According to Mr. Silver Hillary Clinton’s Chance of becoming the next President is 68.9% to Donald Trump’s 31.0%.


To understand why the disparity, Nate Silver has no Corporate Bosses and he isn’t a Puppet for anyone. However, all of the Cable News and the Network News, News Papers, Magazines, Publishers, Radio Stations are all “Owned By Three Corporations.” Thus what we have today are not Journalists, but rather “Puppets On Strings In Boisterous Waters Being Pulled Into Shamelessness By Their Corporate Bosses.”


Real Journalism in America is Dead. However, the smaller News Papers that are still struggling do actually Post News in their News Papers and it would do us well to read News Papers and Internet News from  and others.


Irrespective of what the Corporate Owned Media tell you, Hillary Clinton will be the 45Th President of The United States. Donald Trump could never win because America at best may have about 13 to 15 Million Bigoted, Fascist, Racist people following their Despicable Racist Leader, Donald Trump. However, it takes about 65 Million Votes to win the Presidency and that disqualifies Donald Trump Period!


Support and Vote Hillary Clinton for President and Vote to Elect a Democratic controlled Senate and house. Visit and give Hillary your help for even greater tomorrows that President Obama has brought us after Despots George W Bush and Dick Cheney, decimated America.


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Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg and prominent Republicans like Meg Whitman have thrown their support behind Secretary Hillary Clinton for the Presidency.

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There is no question that there are dangers in America and around the Globe, hence the reason why we need a stable, experienced, knowledgeable hand on the Nuclear Codes and our Military Forces.


Donald Trump has proven that he is the most unstable and unfit person’s to have ever run for the Office of the Presidency. Frankly, many Republicans are only now questioning Donald Trump’s mental state of mind when in fact; Republicans should have done that prior to Nominating Trump as the Republican Nominee.


At least the Election is still close to 100 days away and we as Democrats, Republicans and Independents, still have the time to choose Country Over Party and support Hillary Clinton for President. We know that Hillary Clinton may not be the most excitable Candidate but what we do know is that Secretary Clinton is the “Most Careful And Stable Candidate” to succeed President Obama on January 20, 2017.


Please give Hillary your full support to insure an even better and greater America than we presently have, progressively moving America, Americans and the World forward for better tomorrows for all.


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